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Welcome to SmartTypingSolution.com, a web portal for all Typing Solutions. At Smart Typing Solution we provide typing solution for 125 Crore Indians and also to the Indian sub-continent. We provide  typing solution for Hindi and English both languages. In the age of computers fast typing is not a skill only but also a requirement for smart peoples. Fast typing can save lots of time day by day and fasten and increase your life.

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At www.smarttypingsolution.com website we provide typing tutor software to learn Hindi and English typing. Learning typing is not a complex job as it seen. Only one formula apply for learning typing is practise more practise and again. The speed and accuracy of typing will improve with the time. The download of typing tutor software on this website is free of cost. The Hindi Typing Tutor has designed with DevLys font and Kruti dev font. This is a touch typing course you have to practice one hour daily for learn typing. Touch typing means type without seeing the keyboard. Be careful in choosing the right typing tutor you required as in different states and examination different types of typing font and keyboards are used.

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We developed the first Hindi Typing Tutor in India.  With this typing tutor you can learn Hindi typing within 10 days and by practicing 1 hour daily you can achieve very fast typing speed. With our unique invention and scienific lessons you will be able to type without seeing the keyboard. We designed the tying tutor with scientific pattern so in less time you can achieve fast speed of typing. Our Hindi Typing tutor is based on widely used font DevLys010 and Kruti Dev that are also very useful for candidates who are looking for government or private sector jobs in IT field or clerical jobs. Download Hindi Typing Tutor Now and test your typing speed with Hindi Typing Tutor Software.

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We also developed a Typing Tutor for English Language. Smart Typing Master or Typing Tutor is a program for improving your typing speed and keyboard accuracy and that helps you learn touch-typing in short time. The touch-typing courses help you learn touch-typing skills with exercises in character keys, upper case and lower-case, and finger placement. The word and text drills are scientifically designed to help improve typing accuracy and keep you typing fluidly. Typing speed tests are designed to measure your typing speed and keyboarding accuracy and the statistics of your typing speed and accuracy rate are displayed as graphs. Typing games are fun activities to practice your typing skills while relaxing.

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We developed a Typing Exam Software for Hindi and English language. We are the first and only Company in India that developed Typing Exam Software in Hindi and English language.  Our Typing Exam Software provides depth analysis of your typing skills. With practice more and more you can remove your mistakes and type fast without seeing the keyboard. Download Typing Exam Software Now and test your typing speed with typing exam software.

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We are proving Informatics Assistant Typing Test, LDC Typing Test, DEO Typing Test, Police Constable Typing Test, Tax Assistant Typing Test, Court LDC Typing Test, Stenography Typing Test, Typing Speed Test software solution for recruitment firms and organizations. For any business enquiry visit our website and contact us today.

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